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What is The Safest Place to Live in Surrey?

The safest place to live in Surrey BC is the neighborhood of Kennedy. Local Surrey law enforcement crime mapping indicates that Kennedy is the area in Surrey that is furthest away from where crimes are being reported. This includes reported violent crimes, which would be the determining factor in evaluating if an area is safe or not.

safe neighborhood in surrey BC
The neighborhood of Kennedy

Most crime in Surrey happens in and around areas of high pedestrian traffic, such as King George Boulevard. Shopping complexes in Surrey British Columbia also have high reports of crime, such as Semiahmoo Shopping Centre and Guilford Mall.

Other Safe Neighborhoods in Surrey BC

If the best place to live in Surrey are areas with the least amount of crime, then White Rock, Fraser Heights, and Colebrook would also fall in to that category. Though not as far from locations of reported crimes as Kennedy the areas of White Rock, Fraser Heights, and Colebrook have very few crimes reported directly in their boarders. They are just a little closer, than Kennedy, to areas where crime is being reported more frequently.

White Rock

White Rock is a picturesque seaside community located in the southwestern corner of Surrey and mentioned frequently in Surrey blogs. The city is situated on the Semiahmoo Bay and is known for its long sandy beach, historic pier, and stunning views of the ocean and the nearby San Juan Islands.


Fraser Heights

Fraser Heights is a community located in the northern part of Surrey. The community of Fraser Heights is known for beautiful parks, green spaces, and natural surroundings, with the Tynehead Regional Park located nearby. It is a new community with a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Fraser Heights is connected to other parts of Surrey and Greater Vancouver through major roads, highways, and public transportation. Fraser Heights has excellent schools, including Fraser Heights Secondary School. Furthermore, Fraser Heights, has a variety of recreational facilities, such as the Fraser Heights Recreation Centre, making it a great place for families to live.


Colebrook is a small community located in the south part of Surrey, by the ocean, just north of White Rock. The community is primarily residential, with a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and condos. The small community of Colebrook is located close to several major transportation routes:

  • Trans-Canada Highway

  • South Fraser Perimeter Road

Colebrook is home to several parks such as the Hazelnut Meadows Community Park and the Colebrook Park. These parks provide residents with opportunities for outdoor activities and recreation. Despite being a small community, Colebrook does offer a variety of local amenities, including shops, restaurants, and small businesses. This makes Colebrook a convenient and comfortable place to live.


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