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What is the Biggest Selling Point of a House in Surrey?

The biggest selling point of a house in Surrey is almost always location. After location the best selling points are usually, curb appeal, the size of the house, and the price of the house. However, the preferences of potential buyers might not line up with the normal selling points of a Surrey house.


The Location of the House in Surrey

Most potential homebuyers in Surrey want a desirable location in an urban area close to Vancouver with access to good schools, transportation, and amenities.

Beautiful Looking Surrey House: Curb Appeal

After location, Surrey homebuyers want a nice looking house. They will judge the appearance and condition of the exterior of the house. This includes landscaping and the overall condition of the property. All of this can make a significant impact on potential Surrey homebuyers.

Size and Layout of the Surrey House

Surrey homebuyers need a house with a size that meets their needs. This includes the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Not only are the amount of rooms important to Surrey homebuyers, but how layout of the home is situated.

Biggest Selling Point of a House Surrey

Condition of the Surrey House

When a Surrey homebuyer finds a house they like, the last aspect of the house will be the wear and tear along with contemporary upgrades. The most important contemporary upgrade for selling a house to a homebuyer is often the kitchen. Surrey homebuyers want a house that is already a livable home, not a project.

The Price of the Surrey House

The price of the Surrey house compared to other similar properties in the area can also be a significant selling point and might be what sells a house the best for some. Buyers are often looking for a good value and may be more likely to make an offer on a house that is priced competitively.


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