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What Are the Biggest Mistakes Home Buyers Make in BC?

The biggest mistake home buyers make in British Columbias is not working with a local BC real estate agent. A great real estate agent can save the buyer from making many potential mistakes:

  • Mortgage mistakes

  • Missing hidden costs

  • Repair issues

  • Emotional decisions

  • Understanding contracts


Many BC homebuyers think they can save money by not working with a BC real estate agent. However, an experienced agent can provide valuable guidance throughout the buying process, help negotiate the best deal, and ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed correctly.

British Columbia Home Mortgage

A BC real estate agent can help buyers with the BC mortgage process. For example, many new BC homebuyers make the mistake of not getting pre-approved for a mortgage before beginning their search. This can result in disappointment and wasted time looking at homes that are out of their price range.

Hidden Costs in a BC House

BC real estate agents can help the buyers see the hidden costs they should expect. New BC homebuyers often focus on the purchase price of a home but forget to consider the additional costs associated with homeownership, such as property taxes, insurance, and maintenance expenses.

BC house buying error

BC Home Repair Costs

BC real estate agents can also help buyers with getting an understanding of the home repair costs. BC homebuyers should always have a professional inspection done before purchasing a property in British Columbia to identify any potential issues.

Ignoring these problems could lead to costly repairs down the road.

BC Homebuyer's Emotional Decisions

BC real estate agents can also help identify when the buyer is making a bad decision based of emotion and not logic. Many British Columbia homebuyers fall in love with a property too quickly. While it is important to find a home that you love, falling in love with a property too quickly can cloud your judgment and lead to overlooking potential problems or overpaying for a home.

Buying a home in British Columbia is an emotional experience, but it's important to make decisions based on facts and figures rather than emotions. This includes understanding the local BC real estate market, comparing prices, and evaluating potential returns on investment. These are all things a BC real estate agent can help you with.

British Columbia Real Estate Regulations

A BC real estate agent is a great resource for local BC regulations. Many, if not most, BC homebuyers do not have a full understanding of contract and the terms that go with them. BC Homebuyers should always review and understand the terms of the purchase contract before signing. This includes understanding the contingencies, closing costs, and deadlines involved in the process.


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