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Mount Pleasant Real Estate

View real estate in Mount Pleasant British Columbia. We update listing for real estate in Mount Pleasant BC frequently. Do not miss the property in Mount Pleasant that just got listed!

Mount Pleasant Vancouver BC

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Mount Pleasant real estate

Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood

Vancouver BC

Mount Pleasant is a vibrant and eclectic residential neighborhood in Vancouver BC that offers a mix of historic and modern architecture.

The area is known for its thriving arts and culture scene, with several galleries, theaters, and music venues showcasing local talent. Mount Pleasant has a mix of housing options, including single-family homes, townhouses, and condos, catering to a diverse population.

The neighborhood of Mount Pleasant is home to several popular restaurants, cafes, and breweries, making it a foodie's paradise.

Mount Pleasant has several parks and green spaces, including the popular Dude Chilling Park, offering plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. The area is well-connected to the rest of the city via several major bus routes and a nearby skytrain station, making it easy to get around. Mount Pleasant is a great place to live for those looking for a vibrant and creative community with easy access to the city's amenities.


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