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Mission real estate

Mission BC

Mission is a district municipality in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, Canada. It is located on the north bank of the Fraser River, approximately 70 kilometers east of Vancouver. The district covers an area of 225.78 square kilometers and has a population of around 40,000 people.

Mission is known for its beautiful natural scenery, including rolling hills, forests, and the Fraser River. It is also home to a number of outdoor recreational opportunities, such as hiking, biking, fishing, and boating. One of the most popular attractions in Mission is the Stave Falls Dam, which is a hydroelectric power plant that offers tours to visitors.

The district has a rich history dating back to the early 19th century, when it was inhabited by First Nations people. Mission was officially incorporated in 1892 and has since grown into a thriving community with a diverse economy that includes agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism.

In recent years, Mission has experienced significant growth and development, with new residential and commercial developments springing up throughout the district. Despite this growth, however, Mission has managed to maintain its small-town charm and friendly, welcoming atmosphere.


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