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Kerrisdale Real Estate

View real estate in Kerrisdale British Columbia. We update listing for real estate in Kerrisdale BC frequently. Do not miss the property in Kerrisdale that just got listed!

Kerrisdale Vancouver BC

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Kerrisdale real estate

Kerrisdale Neighbourhood

Vancouver BC

Kerrisdale is a neighborhood located in the western part of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is known for its affluent and residential character, featuring tree-lined streets, well-maintained homes, and a peaceful atmosphere. Kerrisdale is primarily a residential area with a mix of single-family houses, townhouses, and some low-rise apartment buildings.

One of the defining features of Kerrisdale is its vibrant and bustling shopping district along West 41st Avenue. This commercial area offers a wide range of shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and professional services. It attracts residents and visitors alike, providing a convenient hub for local shopping and leisure activities.

Kerrisdale also boasts several parks and green spaces, providing residents with opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation. One of the prominent parks in the area is Kerrisdale Park, which offers a playground, sports fields, and tennis courts. Other nearby parks include Maple Grove Park and Quilchena Park, providing additional green spaces for residents to enjoy.

The neighborhood is well-served by public transportation, with several bus routes connecting it to other parts of Vancouver. This accessibility makes it convenient for residents to commute to downtown Vancouver or other areas of the city.

Kerrisdale is known for its strong sense of community and active community engagement. Residents often participate in local events, workshops, and volunteer activities organized by various community organizations. The Kerrisdale Community Centre is a hub of activity, offering programs and services for people of all ages, including fitness classes, arts and crafts workshops, and community events.

Kerrisdale offers a peaceful and upscale residential environment with a thriving commercial center. Its combination of well-maintained homes, convenient amenities, and community engagement make it an attractive place to live for many residents in Vancouver.


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