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Grandview Heights Real Estate

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Grandview Heights Surrey BC

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Grandview Heights real estate

Grandview Heights

Surrey BC

Grandview Heights is a neighborhood located in the city of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. It is situated in the southern part of Surrey and is known for its residential character and accessibility to amenities. The area primarily consists of single-family homes, townhouses, and some low-rise condominiums.

One of the notable features of Grandview Heights is its convenient location. The neighborhood offers easy access to major transportation routes, including Highway 99, which connects to other parts of Surrey and the Greater Vancouver area. This makes it convenient for residents to commute to work or explore the surrounding regions.

Grandview Heights is known for its well-planned development and infrastructure. The neighborhood has a mix of retail and commercial establishments, providing residents with various shopping options, including grocery stores, restaurants, and boutiques. The Grandview Corners and Morgan Crossing shopping centers are popular destinations for locals and visitors alike, offering a range of retail, dining, and entertainment experiences.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Grandview Heights offers several parks and green spaces. Darts Hill Garden Park is a notable attraction, known for its beautiful gardens and walking trails. South Surrey Athletic Park is another popular destination, featuring sports fields, a running track, and playgrounds. These green spaces provide opportunities for recreation, leisurely walks, and picnics.

Families in Grandview Heights have access to a range of educational facilities. The neighborhood is home to several schools, both public and private, catering to students from kindergarten through high school. This makes it convenient for families with children to access quality education within the community.

Transportation options are readily available in Grandview Heights. The neighborhood is serviced by public transit, including buses, which connect residents to other parts of Surrey and the SkyTrain system. The nearby King George Boulevard also offers convenient access to the city center and other areas of interest.

Grandview Heights is a sought-after neighborhood in Surrey, offering a desirable residential environment, convenient amenities, and easy access to transportation routes. Its well-planned development, proximity to shopping centers, parks, and schools make it an attractive choice for individuals and families looking for a comfortable and accessible place to live.


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