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Fraser Heights Real Estate

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Fraser Heights Surrey BC

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Fraser Heights real estate

Fraser Heights

Surrey BC

Fraser Heights is a neighborhood located in the city of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. It is situated in the northern part of Surrey and is known for its residential character and family-friendly atmosphere. The area is predominantly residential, with a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and some condominium complexes.

One of the notable features of Fraser Heights is its natural surroundings. The neighborhood is bordered by the Fraser River to the north, providing residents with access to beautiful river views and recreational opportunities. There are several parks and green spaces in the area, including Tynehead Regional Park, which offers trails for walking, jogging, and cycling.

Fraser Heights has a well-established infrastructure, with amenities and services conveniently located within the neighborhood and in nearby areas. Residents have access to a variety of shopping options, including grocery stores, retail shops, and restaurants. The Guildford Town Centre, one of the largest shopping malls in the region, is just a short drive away.

For families with children, Fraser Heights offers several schools, both public and private, providing education from elementary to high school levels. The area is known for its strong sense of community and active involvement in local schools and community events.

Transportation options in Fraser Heights are plentiful. The neighborhood is well-connected to the rest of Surrey and the Greater Vancouver area through major roads and highways. Public transit services, including buses, provide convenient access to other parts of Surrey and the SkyTrain system, which offers rapid transit connections to downtown Vancouver and other neighboring cities.

Fraser Heights is also home to various recreational facilities. The Fraser Heights Recreation Centre offers a range of programs and activities for residents of all ages, including fitness classes, sports leagues, and community events. Additionally, there are nearby golf courses, sports fields, and community parks for outdoor activities and leisure.

Fraser Heights is a vibrant and family-oriented neighborhood in Surrey, offering a high quality of life with its residential character, natural beauty, convenient amenities, and community spirit.


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