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Are People in Surrey Friendly?

Canadians in general are more friendly than citizens in most other countries and Surrey is in Canada. So yes, people in Surrey are indeed friendly. The main reason for people in Surrey being more friendly is their proximity to the USA. Surrey is directly beside the American border. Because of this, it is ingrained in Surrey culture to have a unique identity separate from America.

  • Americans are considered unfriendly

  • Americans are individualistic

  • America is a melting pot

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The foundation of being Canadian, as people in Surrey are Canadian, is built on being not American and as opposite to America's identity as possible. As a byproduct of this, people from Surrey BC are friendly.

Surrey's Culture of Politeness

Americans are considered unfriendly and this is probably a mischaracterization. However, because of this, Surrey has a cultural value of friendliness which is deeply ingrained in society. People in Surrey are taught from a young age to be courteous and considerate to others. This is even a selling point for Surrey houses.

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Surrey is Not Individualistic

America prides themselves on being individuals so Surrey prides themselves on building community and social harmony. People from Surrey often prioritize the well-being of their communities and strive to create a peaceful and harmonious society. This can lead to a greater sense of social cohesion and a willingness to be friendly and helpful to others.

Surrey is Multicultural

America is a melting pot, newcomers have to fit in to their society. Surrey is the opposite, multicultural. This means that newcomers to Surrey are encouraged to live their lives in the culture they are familiar with. This means people in Surrey are often open to learning about different cultures and this can foster a greater sense of empathy towards others.

Friendliness in Surrey

It is important to note that not all People in Surrey are friendly. However, the cultural values and societal norms in Surrey can contribute to a perception of friendliness.


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