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9887 Whalley Boulevard

Park Boulevard is a high-rise condominium complex located at 9887 Whalley Boulevard in Surrey British Columbia. The condo complex, 9887 Whalley Blvd, was built in the year 2021 and has an impressive 419 units with 41 floors.

9887 Whalley Blvd

The building complex of 9887 Whalley Blvd is located the northern part of Surrey, in the middle of the community which shares the same street name, Whalley.

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The Neighborhood of Whalley: 9887 Whalley Boulevard

Whalley is a neighborhood in Surrey, British Columbia, located in the north part of the city. It is one of Surrey's most densely populated areas and is known for its vibrant and diverse community. The condominium complex of 9887 Whalley Blvd is located right in the middle of this community.

9887 Whalley Blvd

Whalley is home to a variety of amenities, including the Central City Shopping Centre.

  • Central City Shopping Centre is one of the largest shopping centers in all of Surrey BC

  • The complex of 9887 Whalley Blvd is right beside Central City Shopping Centre

The area of Whalley also has a fair number of parks, including Holland Park, which hosts events and festivals throughout the year.

  • The Park Blvd condo complex is located only a short walk away from Holland Park

For nice walking trails, Whalley offers the Green Timbers Urban Forest, which offers walking trails and other outdoor recreational activities. In addition to its commercial and recreational offerings, Whalley is also home to several educational institutions, including a Simon Fraser University campus and Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Whalley also has a great library: City Centre Library.

Whalley is well-connected to other areas of Surrey and the Greater Vancouver area, with several major transit routes. The neighborhood of Whalley is also home to the Surrey Central SkyTrain station.

  • The SkyTrain station, King George Station, is located only a few minutes away from 9887 Whalley Blvd.

King George Station provides 9887 Whalley Blvd quick and easy access to downtown Vancouver and other parts of the Lower Mainland.

This is Why You Should Get a Condo in 9887 Whalley Blvd

Easy Lifestyle in 9887 Whalley Blvd

Yard work and maintenance is something you will not have to worry about at 9887 Whalley Blvd. This will save you time, effort, and repair costs.

9887 Whalley Blvd and The Surrey Real Estate Market

The Surrey BC real estate market is a very active market that has been experiencing massive growth over the past several years. A detached home might not be in your budget. However, a condo in 9887 Whalley Blvd is a much more obtainable foothold in the Surrey real estate market.

The Whalley Community

Buying into 9887 Whalley Blvd means you will be living in a great community. Whalley is a fully developed urban area and will have any amenity you can think of.


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